ALFA Production Systems was founded in 1982 on the precept that automation equipment should pay for itself in one year or less.

Every manufacturing and distribution operation has requirements unique to their respective product line and variable labor costs.  ALFA closely examines your particular method of throughput and its’ labor content to provide a system proposal that makes economic sense for the type of product processed and the annual quantity han​dled.

With governmentally imposed requirements that effect production costs continually in a state of flux, business decisions take on a myriad of variables.  A proper degree of automation emerges at the top of the list of str​ategy options.

ALFA is a full service engineering and manufacturing firm that produces application specific solutions to a client's particular requirement to reduce labor costs.  Often this embodies a long term plan that allows phased implementation to fit budgetary and production forecasts.

ALFA is centrally located in New Jersey and maintains a staff of multi-skilled professionals and technicians with proven experience in the packaging, machine manufacturing and production industries.  A network of carefully qualified organizations provide service and support close to your operation.​

All options in the current and future global and local economic environment require close and thorough evaluation.  We invite you to investigate the ALFA solution that will contribute to your bottom line. ​